Changing the Windows 98 and Windows 95 Device Drivers

Changing the Windows 98 and Windows 95 Device Drivers

Windows 98 and Windows 95 have two device-driver configuration parameters: Auto Insert Notify and DMA.

The Auto Insert Notify parameter enables the computer to start audio CD software as soon as a CD is inserted into the CD-ROM drive.

The DMA parameter improves system performance by having the system DMA controller take over the function of moving data from the CD to memory, freeing the system microprocessor to perform more important tasks. For example, activating DMA might make movies and games run more smoothly because the microprocessor will have more time to manage the video.

Changing the Auto Insert Notify and DMA parameters

To change these parameter settings from the Windows 98 or Windows 95 desktop:

  1.  Click Start.
  2.  Select Settings.
  3.  Click Control Panel.
  4.  Double-click System.
  5.  Select Device Manager.
  6.  Double-click CD-ROM.
  7.  Click Properties.
  8.  Select Settings.
  9.  Click Auto Insert Notification or DMA.
  10.  Click OK.

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