IBM 20/40 GB DDS-4 4mm Internal (SCSI) Tape Drive

20/40 GB DDS-4 4mm Internal (SCSI) Tape Drive


SCSI ID selection (3-2-1-0 Jumper)

Bit 4
Bit 2
Bit 1
0 Off Off Off Off
1 Off Off Off On
2 Off Off On Off
3 Off Off On On
4 Off On Off Off
5 Off On Off On
6 Off On On Off
7 Off On On On
8 On Off Off Off
9 On Off Off On
10 On Off On Off
11 On Off On On
12 On On Off Off
13 On On Off On
14 On On On Off
15 On On On On

Term. Power Jumper

Most SCSI adapters provide termination power.
However, if the SCSI adapter does not provide termination power, you will need to place a jumper on the Term. power jumper pins.

If the tape drive is the last device on the SCSI device chain, the chain must be terminated at the drive.
Some SCSI cables provide self-termination and do not require SCSI terminators.
If the computer cable does not provide self-termination attach a SCSI terminator (not provided) to the drive connector before attaching the SCSI cable.

Parity Enable Jumper

To generate parity, place a jumper on the Parity enable jumper pins.

  -Attention- There are additional micro switch settings on the bottom of the drive.