Miscellaneous Symptoms (8551)

Miscellaneous Symptoms
Symptom/Error    FRU/Action
   No beep and a blank or unreadable 1. System Board
   display during POST. 2. Any option or device
   (See 'Power Systems Checkout' 3. Power source when failing
   before replacing any FRUs.) 4. Voltage Converter
  5. Speaker
   No beep with a blinking cursor. 1. System Board
  2. Communications Cartridge
   No beep with a normal display during POST. 1. Speaker
  2. I/O Panel Assembly
  3. System Board
  4. Keyboard Control Card
   No beep and the computer hangs after 1. System Board
   displaying memory count. 2. Communications Cartridge
  3. Hard Disk Drive
   LCD too dark, unable to adjust 1. LCD Inverter
   contrast or brightness. 2. LCD Panel
  3. System Board
   LCD unreadable or distorted. 1. LCD Panel
   (If an external display is OK, 2. System board
   replace system board last.) 3. LCD Inverter
  4. LCD Cable
   LCD cannot be turned on or off. 1. LCD Inverter
  2. System Board
  3. LCD Cable
   Blank screen, or extra horizontal 1. LCD Panel
   or vertical line(s) displayed on 2. System Board
   upper or lower half of the LCD. 3. LCD Cable
   Computer status indicator is 1. System Board
   incorrectly blinking or stays on. 2. Related Device
   Computer status indicator 1. I/O Panel Assembly
   stays off, but the POST ends 2. System Board
   without an error 3. Related Device
   Suspend light comes on after 1. Reseat voltage regulator cables
   POST, an error. 2. Voltage Regulator
   Reference Diskette does not work. 1. Diskette Drive
   (Try another Reference Diskette 2. System Board
   or any bootable diskette before 3. Diskette Drive Cable
   replacing FRUs. Ensure all correct 4. Reference Diskette
   level drivers are loaded.)  
   Keyboard does not work. 1. Keyboard Control Card
  2. Numeric Keypad
  3. System Board
   One or more keys do not work. 1. Keyboard
   (See 2. Numeric Keypad if installed
   'Ext. Keyboard/Aux. Input Device Checkout' 3. Keyboard Control Card
   before replacing any FRUs.)  
   External display problems. 1. External Display
   (See 'External Display Self-Test' 2. System Board
   before replacing any FRUs.) 3. I/O Panel Assembly
   Incorrect memory size during POST. 1. System Board
   (See 'Memory Checkout' 2. Memory Module Kit
   before replacing any FRUs.)  
   Computer hang or Intermittent hang. 1. System Board
   (See 'Undetermined Problem' 2. Hard Disk Drive Cable
   before replacing any FRUs.) 3. Hard Disk Drive
  4. Replace the last device being tested
  5. Voltage Converter
   The computer goes into 1. System Board
   suspend mode after the POST. 2. Voltage Converter
  3. Lid Switch
  4. Keyboard Control Card
   The computer does not suspend or resume. 1. System Board
  2. Voltage Converter
  3. Lid Switch
  4. Keyboard Control Card
   The computer does not power off. 1. Voltage Converter
  2. System Board
  3. I/O Panel Assembly
   Real-time clock inaccurate. 1. Backup Battery
   (See 'Testing the Battery Pack' 2. System Board
   before replacing any FRUs.)  
   Printer problems. 1. See 'Printer Checkout'
   Serial or parallel port device problems. 1. Device
  2. Cable
  3. System Board
  4. Serial Adapter
  5. I/O Panel Assembly
   Internal Data/Fax modem does not 1. See 'Fax/Modem Checkout'
   communicate with a remote modem or  
   a fax.  

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