Testing the AC Adapter (8554)

Testing the AC Adapter

If the Power-On indicator is not on, check the power cord of the AC adapter for proper installation and continuity.
  1.  If any noise can be heard from the AC adapter when it is  plugged into line voltage, replace  the AC adapter with a new one.

    If no noise can be heard from the adapter,  go to Step 2.

  2.  If the noise still comes from the new AC adapter, suspect  the computer. Replace the AC adapter with the original one, then  go to the next step. If no noise comes from the new adapter,  the original adapter has the problem.
  3.  Unplug the AC adapter cable from the computer and  measure the output voltages at the plug of the AC adapter cable.  Connect the minus lead of the volt-ohm meter to pin 3 during  the measurement.


Pin Voltage (Vdc)
1 +18 to +22
2 +17 to +21
4 Communication GND

If the problem still remains, replace the voltage converter. If the problem disappeared, suspect the installation and continuity of the AC adapter cable.

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