Beep Symptoms (8554)

Beep Symptoms
Symptom/Error    FRU/Action
   Continuous beep. 1. System Board
   Repeating short beeps. 1. Keyboard
   (See 2. Keyboard Control Card
   'Ext. Keyboard/Aux. Input Device Checkout' 3. System Board
   before replacing any FRUs.)  
   One long and one short beep. 1. System Board
   One long and two short beeps. 1. Display Control Card
  2. System Board
   One short beep and a blank, 1. LCD Panel
   unreadable, or flashing display 2. Display Control Card
   with no external display attached. 3. System Board
   (See 4. LCD Cable
   'CL57 LCD FRU Replacement Notice'  
   before replacing any FRUs.)  
   One short beep and Diskette Prompt 1. Diskette Drive
   or a program load from the hard disk 2. System Board
   or unable to read diskette. 3. Diskette Drive Cable
   Two short beeps and a blank display. 1. System Board

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