Restoring the Partition (8554)

Restoring the Partition

If a computer or hard disk problem prevents system setup or diagnostic programs from being loaded from the protected partition, load and run the programs from the Reference Diskette. If no errors are found, restore the programs to the protected partition on the hard disk using the following procedure.
  1.  Start the computer with the customer's backup  copy of the Reference Diskette installed.
  2.  Select the Backup/Restore system programs from the  Main Menu.
  3.  Select the Restore the system partition to  load the system setup and utility programs, and  the customer and advanced diagnostics  programs onto the system partition of the hard disk.

If this does not correct the problem, use the backup copy of the Reference Diskette to format the hard disk and then restore the programs to the protected partition. If the problem remains, return to the I998XXXX, I9990303 error code (in the 'Symptom-to-FRU Index')

NOTE: After the programs have been restored, the Diskette and F1 prompts appear, unless an operating system is present.

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