FRU Removals and Replacements (8554)

  FRU Removals and Replacements

Follow the numerical sequence in the FRU removal sequence list and the exploded view to remove or disconnect parts in the correct order. The letters in parentheses in the list indicate screw types. See the 'Screw Size Chart' to match the letters to the correct screw type and size before replacing each screw.


Safety 8
Safety 1

  1.   Battery Cover
  2.   Battery Pack
  3.   Hinge Covers
  4.   Six Screws (4-EE, 2-C)
      (One at each bottom corner and two through extensions at bottom of LCD)
  5.  LCD Rear Cover
      (To separate panel from rear cover, place screwdriver in small
      slit in bottom front of LCD panel and release latch.)
  6.  Two Cables from LCD Assembly
  7.  Four Screws (LL)
      (Two on each side)
      LCD Assembly
  8.  Bend Back Thirteen LCD Panel Tabs
    Four LCD Panel Screws (MM)
      (From back of panel)
  9.  Separate LCD Panel and LCD Bezel
  10.  Three Bottom Cover Screws (LL)
      (At bottom-front)
  11.  Keyboard Frame
  12.  Two Screws (MM)
      (At rear of keyboard)
  13.  Loosen Keyboard
  14.  Four Screws (MM)
      (Look for 13 four times in illustration.)
  15.  Loosen Top Cover
  16.  Two Ribbon Cables
      (Keyboard can be removed without removing top cover. However,   keyboard cables cannot be reconnected with top cover installed.)
  17.  Trackball Cable
      (At right-rear of keyboard)
  18.  Indicator Card Cable
      Top Cover
      (See step 14 Ensure that keyboard is removed before removing top  cover.)
  19.  Two Trackball Assembly Screws (LL)
  20.  Trackball Assembly
  21.  Speaker Cable
  22.  Four Screws (LL)
      (Two indicator card screws from rear and two speaker retainer bracket
      screws from bottom)
  23.  Indicator Card
      (When replacing indicator card, ensure that speaker volume switch and
      power-on switch fit into their respective slots in top cover.)
  24.  Speaker
  25.  Two Diskette Drive Ribbon Cables
  26.  Four Diskette Drive Screws (LL)
  27.  Micro Switch Cable
  28.  Diskette Drive and Mounting Bracket
  29.  Two Hard Disk Drive Ribbon Cables
  30.  Four Hard Disk Drive Screws (LL)
  31.  Hard Disk Drive and Mounting Bracket
      (Have customer backup all information on hard disk drive before
      removal. When replacing hard disk drive, use customer's
      backup Reference Diskette to restore system partition.)
  32.  Backup Battery
  33.  Keyboard Control Card Ribbon Cable
  34.  Three Keyboard Control Card Screws (NN)
  35.  Keyboard Control Card
  36.  Display Control Card Ribbon Cable
      (Press and hold metal clips on each side of cable connector.)
  37.  Two Display Control Card Screws (LL)
  38.  Display Control Card
  39.  Two Hinge Support Screws (LL)
      (On hinge support)
    Six Screws (4-PP, 2-QQ) and Hinge Assemblies
      (Three screws on each side)
  40.  Loosen Hinge Support
      Two Regulator Card Cables
  41.  Three Regulator Card Screws (LL)
  42.  Regulator Card
  43.  Two I/O Connector Ribbon Cables
  44.  Two Threaded Spacers
  45.  Three Modem Guide Screws (V)
  46.  Two Threaded Hex Spacers
      (At each end of system board)
  47.  Voltage Converter Cable System Board Cable (upper left)
      System Board and Mounting Bracket
      (When installing system board, ensure that power control switch on
      I/O panel is set to On. Also, run Automatic Configuration and set
      time and date. Transfer math coprocessor (if installed) to new
      system board.)
      IC DRAM Card Connector
      (Connected under system board.)
  48.  Two I/O Connector Screws (LL)
  49.  I/O Connectors and Cover
  50.  Six Voltage Converter Card Screws (SS)
  51.  Two Threaded Spacers
      (On voltage converter card)
      Battery Cable
  52.  Voltage Converter Card
      (Be careful to use correct screws to replace voltage converter.
      Bottom cover can be cracked.)  

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