SCSI Devices (8573)

SCSI Devices
  SLOT 1 designates the logical position for the SCSI adapter built into the system board which controls the internal and external SCSI devices.

If you are instructed to replace the SCSI adapter in slot 1, replace the system board. 

The adapter supporting the missing device might be defective. If more than one SCSI adapter is installed, isolate adapters in the option slots one by one, then suspect the system board.
  1.  Power-off the computer and disconnect  all cables attached to the system board and the SCSI adapter.
  2.  Terminate the adapter, as required.
  3.  Power-on the computer and run Automatic Configuration.  If the adapter is not on the Installed Devices List, in Advanced  Diagnostics, the adapter or the system board is defective.  If the adapter is on the list, run the adapter diagnostic tests.
  4.  If the adapter fails the tests, replace it or the system board (SLOT 1).  If the adapter passes the tests, a different adapter might be defective.
  5.  Reconnect the cables to the SCSI adapter or system board, then  terminate the adapter, as required.
  6.  Go to 'Undetermined Problem' to find the problem.

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