Parts Listing (2618)

Parts Listing
System Unit

Index    FRU P/N
1 Top Cover Assembly (350, 425)    60G0351
   Top Cover Assembly (350C, 425C)    60G0352
   2 Inverter Card (350, 425)    60G1743
   Inverter Card (350C, 425C)    60G1744
   3 LCD Display (425 - E18, E26, E35)    33G4488
   LCD Display (350, all other 425)    60G1745
   LCD Display and Backlight (350C, 425C)    60G1887
   4 Backlight Lamp (350)    60G1746
   5 LCD Bezel (350, 425)    60G0353
   LCD Bezel (350C, 425C)    60G0354
   6 Bright/Contrast Slides (350)    60G1727
   Bright/Contrast Slides (425)    33G4200
   Bright/Contrast Slides (350C, 425C)    60G0195
   7 Right Hinge Assembly (350, 425)    60G0209
   Right Hinge Assembly (350C, 425C)    60G0344
   8 Lid Switch    60G0358
   9 Keyboard Cover (60G0348)    60G1704
   10 See Keyboards  
   11 80MB Hard Disk Drive    60G1806
   120MB Hard Disk Drive    60G1807
   170MB Hard Disk Drive    84G1201
   252MB Hard Disk Drive    60G1809
   Hard Disk Drive Cable    33G4163
   12 Diskette Drive    60G1792
   Diskette Drive Cable    59G7550
   13 System Boards with Flash  
   System Board (73G2495) (350, 425)    73G7576
   System Board (73G2497) (350C, 425C)    73G7577
   System Board (425)    73G2496
   System Board (425C)    73G2498
   System Boards without Flash  
   System Board (350, 425)    10H3981
   System Board (350C, 425C)    10H3983
   System Board (425)    10H3982
   System Board (425C)    10H3984
   4MB Memory Module    79F1003
   16MB Memory Module  
   (350/350C does not support  
   16MB memory modules ???)    60G0379
   15 Bottom Cover (350x, 425x)    60G0345
   Bottom Cover (425x, no PCMCIA)    60G1916
   16 Standby Battery    59G7591
   17 Accessory Door    60G0288
   18 Battery Pack Compartment Door    60G0349
   19 RTC battery    59G7581
   Battery Pads    92G9418
   20 Speaker Assembly    33G4418
   21 I/O Cables    33G4176
   22 VGA Cable    33G4175
   23 I/O Card    60G1924
   I/O Card (425)    33G6008
   25 Left Hinge Assembly (350, 425)  
   (60G0186, 73G2474)    73G2473
   Left Hinge Assembly (350C, 425C)    60G0208
   26 Left Hinge Cover    60G0346
   Right Hinge Cover    60G0347
   TrackPoint Caps    60G1712
   Miscellaneous Fastener Kit    60G1907
   AC Adapter and Power Supply    33G9616
   US/Canada Only (wallmount)    60G1684
   US/Canada Only (425)    33G9657
   World-Wide    33G6022
   NiCd Battery Pack    33G6023
   NiMh Battery Pack    60G1791
   Battery Terminal Cover    33G4177
   Feet Kit    60G1906
   I/O Door    60G0350
   Modem Port Cover    60G0357
   Communications Adapter Cable    8529274
   Car Adapter (92F0094)    06G9206


Index    FRU P/N
14 Modem Card  
   (Models N82, S82, W82, and E82 only)    33G6010
   Modem Card, 2400 Data/9600 Send-DCA  
   France    60G1826
   Germany    60G1814
   Italy    60G1828
   Mexico/Latin America    60G1812
   Netherlands    60G1816
   UK    60G1834
   US/Canada    60G1810
   Modem Card, 9600 Data/Fax DCA  
   Belgium    60G1823
   Denmark    60G1837
   Finland    60G1720
   France    60G1827
   Germany    60G1815
   Italy    60G1829
   Mexico/Latin America    60G1813
   Netherlands    60G1817
   Norway    60G1825
   Spain    60G1831
   Sweden    60G1819
   Switzerland    60G1821
   US/Canada    60G1811
   UK    60G1835
   DAA Low Speed  
   France    73G2406
   Germany    73G2361
   Italy    73G2408
   Netherlands    73G2363
   UK    73G2362
   DAA High Speed  
   France    73G2407
   Germany    73G2364
   Italy    73G2409
   Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Spain,    73G2366
   Finland, Swiss, Belgium, Norway,UK    73G2365


Index    FRU P/N
10 Belgium/Dutch    60G0265
   Belgium/French    60G1800
   Canadian French    60G1798
   Denmark    60G0258
   Finland    60G0230
   French    60G1796
   German    60G1797
   Hebrew    60G1716
   Italian    60G1795
   Latin American    60G1799
   Netherlands    60G0272
   Norway    60G0237
   Portuguese    60G0223
   Spanish    60G1794
   Swedish    60G1801
   Swiss/French    60G0251
   Swiss/German    60G0279
   UK    60G1793
   US/Canada/Australia    60G1653

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