Power-On Self Test (2603 POST)

Power-On Self Test (POST)

Each time you power-on the computer, the POST is initiated. The POST takes up to 15 seconds to complete, depending on the options installed.

The POST checks the following: system board, memory, display, keyboard, diskette drive, hard disk drive, parallel port, and serial port.

To start the POST, power-on the computer.
  1.  You will hear one short beep when the POST successfully  ends.

     If the POST cannot be completed successfully, an error message appears  on the display accompanied by the Configuration Utility box  requesting the user to press the Esc or Enter key.  If the Esc key is pressed, the computer  bypasses the error and attempts to complete the POST.  If the Enter key is pressed, the Configuration  Utility is shown. The user can then try to correct the error.  If a critical error is encountered, the POST is halted.

  2.  The computer attempts to load the operating system as customized.

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