FRU Removals and Replacements (2603)

  FRU Removals and Replacements

Follow the numerical sequence in the FRU removal sequence list and the exploded view to remove or disconnect parts in the correct order. The letters in parentheses in the list indicate screw types. See the 'Screw Size Chart' to match the letters to the correct screw type and size before replacing each screw.


Safety 8
Safety 1

NOTE: Be sure the LED cable is not in the battery compartment of over the keyboard supports.
  1.  Battery Pack
  2.  Lift Keyboard
     (Pry up front of keyboard with a small plastic screwdriver.)
  3.  Three Ribbon Cables
    Remove Keyboard
    Remove Hard Disk Drive Ribbon Cable
     (Use caution, the cable pins can scratch the LCD.)
  4.  Fourteen Bottom Cover Screws (6-G, 2-DD, 6-EE)
     (2-G screws near mouse buttons)
     (1-D screw in center)
     (1-D screw near power button icon)
     (6-EE screws around bottom cover perimeter)
  5.  Bottom Cover
  6.  Ribbon Cable
     (Open the IC DRAM cover on the bottom. From the bottom, keep pressure on the  system board while removing the cable.)
     (If replacing the hard disk drive or bottom cover, remove the 4-G  screws near FCC notice. Caution, copper flakes easily from the screws.)
  7.  Hard Disk Drive
  8.  Mouse Button Cable  (Pull connector, not the cable.)
  9.  Three Cables
  10.  System Board  (Note plastic screw inserts location.)
  11.  Two Threaded Spacers  (In power card)
  12.  Power Card  (Note washer placement.)

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