Parts Listing - ThinkPad 500 (2603)

  IBM ThinkPad 500 (2603) Models 081 and 171 are obsolete. The following FRU numbers are being discontinued:
Part    FRU P/N
   System Board    52G7290
   Power Card    59G7922
   Base Cover Assembly    59G7921
   AC Adapter    59G7923
   SLA Self-Charging Battery    59G7924
   SLA Rechargeable Battery    59G7946

If you encounter a ThinkPad 500 (2603) Model 081 or 171, please call 1-800-426-7244 for upgrade instructions.

System Unit

Index    FRU P/N
1 Keyboard Assembly    59G7920
   2 LCD Assembly    59G7919
   3 Power Button    59G7937
   4 Power Card    59G7993
   5 System Board    65G8741
   System Board Bracket    59G7951
   6 85MB Hard Disk    59G7915
   170MB Hard Disk    59G7917
   7 Base Cover Assembly (R)    59G7995
   Connector Door    59G7936
   8 NiMH Rechargeable Battery    59G7976
   9 Diskette Drive/Serial Cable  
   (External)    59G7925
   Diskette Drive/Serial Cable  
   (Internal)    59G7952
   Hard Disk Cable (Internal)    59G7927
   10 Video Cable    59G7926
   11 AC Adapter    59G7991
   4MB IC DRAM    8189098
   8MB IC DRAM    8189099
   External Diskette Drive    59G7918
   Tools and Miscellaneous  
   Tri-Connector Wrap Plug    72X8546
   PC Test Card    35G4703
   Audio Wrap Cable    66G5180
   Screwdriver Kit    95F3598
   Screw Pack    59G7944
   (screws, standoff,  
   studs, and inserts)  

Power Cords


  Use the power cord certified for your country.

Index    FRU P/N
1 Colombia, U.S., Venezuela    13F9959
   Japan, 2-pin    6454377
   Japan, 3-pin    65F0031
   2 Hong Kong, Singapore, U.K.    14F0033
   3 France, Germany, Spain    13F9979
   4 Italy    14F0069
   5 Australia, New Zealand    13F9940
   6 Denmark    13F9997
   7 Israel    14F0087
   8 Bangladesh, Pakistan,  
   Sri Lanka, South Africa    14F0015
   9 Switzerland    14F0051
   10 Thailand    1838574

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