Power-On Password Override (2604)

  Power-On Password Override

To override a password, do the following.
  1.  Power-off the computer.
  2.  Disconnect all cables attached to the computer.
  3.  Remove the memory card access panel and DRAM card (if installed).
  4.  Power-on the computer.
  5.  Locate the two pins labeled PAD1-2 on the system board  (see 'System Board Connectors').
  6.  Short the two pins together.
  7.  Press Ctrl+Alt+F3 to access  the System Parameters Setup Menu.
  8.  Press Esc.
  9.  Press F5 to reset the parameter to their default values.
  10.  The System Time, System Date, and Password (if required) parameters  need to be set manually.
  11.  Press Esc, then F4 to save the values, exit  the Setup program, and reboot the computer.
  12.  If a DRAM card was removed, power-off the computer and  install the DRAM card.
  13.  Install the memory card access panel.

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