Restoring the TP 510 System Files (2604)

Restoring the TP 510 System Files

The subdirectory C:\THINKPAD\DIAGS on the hard disk drive contains the ThinkPad 510 Diagnostics programs.

If the hard disk drive is reformatted or the files in the subdirectory on the hard disk drive are corrupted, use the Advanced Diagnostics diskette to restore the diagnostic programs.

  The following is required to complete this procedure:

  1.  Power-on the computer; then, insert the Advanced Diagnostics diskette.
  2.  At the DOS prompt, type


     then press Enter.

  3.  Select Install ThinkPad 510 Diagnostics from the menu. The  files are copied from the diskette to the THINKPAD\DIAGS subdirectory on  drive C.

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