FRU Removals and Replacements (2604)

  FRU Removals and Replacements

Follow the list below for the sequential removal of FRUs. See the illustration on 'ThinkPad 510 Exploded View' for locations and identification of FRUs. The letters in parentheses in the list indicate screw types. See 'Bottom Cover Screws' to match the letters to the correct screw type and size before replacing each screw.
  1.  Remove Battery Pack
  2.  Lift Keyboard
     (Tabs located along the inside front edge of the keyboard hold the keyboard  in the bottom cover. Insert a small screwdriver at 2A and 2B, between the  front of the keyboard and the bottom cover. Gently pry the bottom cover away  from the keyboard to release the keyboard.)
  3.  Disconnect Three Ribbon Cables
    Remove Keyboard
        Be careful not to scratch the LEDs or LCD display when removing the  keyboard
     (If you are removing the system board, disconnect all flat cables. Slide  each connector latch retainer away from the base to release each cable.)
  4.  Disconnect Hard Disk Drive Ribbon Cable
     (Disconnect the cable at the system board connector.)
  5.  Remove Bottom Cover Screws
     See 'Bottom Cover Screws'.
     (2-G screws near mouse buttons)
     (1-EE screw in center)
     (2-DD screws between the right mouse button and the PCMCIA slot)
     (5-EE screws around bottom cover perimeter)
  6.  Remove Bottom Cover (with Hard Disk Drive
     and Cable Attached)

        When removing the bottom cover, be careful not to damage the PCMCIA test  card.
     (Slide the bottom cover past the PCMCIA eject button as you lift the cover  off.)
     (If you are not removing the hard disk drive, go to step 9.)
  7.  Disconnect Hard Disk Drive Ribbon Cable
     (Disconnect the cable from the hard disk drive.)
  8.  Remove the Hard Disk Drive
     (4-G screws near FCC notice)
  9.  Lift System Board
     (Gently lift the system board and turn it over. Be careful not to lose the  two plastic system board inserts.)
  10.  Disconnect Pointing Device Cable
  11.  Disconnect LCD Display Cable
  12.  Disconnect Parallel Port Cable
     (In metal frame on system board rear)
    Power Switch Assembly, see 'Parts Listing'
  13.  Remove Two Threaded Power Card Spacers
  14.  Remove Power Card
  15.  Remove Mouse Buttons

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