Parts Listing (2604)

Index    FRU P/N
1 Keyboard Assembly (US English)    73G3394
   TrackPoint II Cap Set    73G3463
   2 Color LCD Assembly    73G3387
   3 Power Switch Assembly  
   (See Index numbers 12, 13 and 14.)  
   4 Power Card    73G3465
   5 System Board    88G1121
   System Board Bracket    73G3391
   6 200MB Hard Disk    73G3443
   7 Base Cover Assembly    73G3395
   Connector Door    73G3420
   8 Rechargeable Battery    73G3417
   9 ThinkPad MultiPort    73G3388
   10 Diskette Drive Cable (External)    73G3422
   Parallel Port Cable (Internal)    73G3421
   Hard Disk Cable (Internal)    59G7927
   11 AC Adapter    73G3411
   12 Power Switch Spring    73G3449
   13 Power Switch Slide    73G3385
   14 Power Switch Clip    73G3448
   4MB IC DRAM    8189098
   8MB IC DRAM    8189099
   16MB IC DRAM    19H8061
   External Diskette Drive    59G7918
   Screw Pack    73G3445
   1 mouse/hard disk drive screw  
   1 system board insert screw  
   1 bottom cover screw  
   1 power card standoff  
   1 parallel stud  
   1 plastic system board insert  

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