Display Problems (AD/VC Adapter) (3545)

Display Problems (AD/VC Adapter)

The IBM ThinkPad Analog-to-Digital Converter Adapter (AD/VC adapter) is one of the options for the Dock I. With the IBM PS/2 ActionMedia II Display Adapter  (ActionMedia II adapter), the AD/VC adapter enables the computer to run multimedia applications.

When the AD/VC adapter is installed in the Dock I, and a display problem occurs, before you start to isolate any problem; switch off the computer, remove the Dock I from the computer, and check that the computer works correctly.

Information is now displayed on the LCD screen using the computer's video control function, not the AD/VC adapter. If the computer works correctly, make sure that the ActionMedia II Adapter is installed in the 16-bit AT bus connector of the Dock I. Then reinstall the computer onto the Dock I.

If there is still a problem, go to 'Display Symptoms (AD/VC Adapter)'

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