Display Symptoms (AD/VC Adapter) (3545)

Display Symptoms (AD/VC Adapter)
Symptom    FRU/Action
   The LCD screen is blue. 1. Video Connector
   NOTE: Make sure all cables are 2. AD/VC Adapter
   firmly plugged into their 3. I/O Card
   respective connectors. 4. Main Board
   The LCD screen gradually 1. AD/VC adapter
   becomes white after the 2. I/O Card
   the computer is turned on 3. Main Board
   A white line extends 1. AD/VC Adapter
   across the screen. 2. I/O Card
   NOTE: Check the following: 3. Main Board
   1. Remove the computer  
   from the Dock I and  
   verify correct operation  
   of the computer.  
   2. Reinstall the computer  
   onto the Dock I and run the  
   Automatic Configuration .  
   A particular color 1. AD/VC Adapter
   (red, green, or blue) 2. Video Connector
   appears considerably 3. Main Board
   more than any other  
   two colors, even after  
   the Color Adjustment   
   is made.  
   NOTE: Make sure  
   the video connector is  
   correctly connected.  
   No motion video appears in 1. AD/VC Adapter
   the window for motion video. 2. I/O Card
  3. Main Board
  4. ActionMedia II Adapter
     NOTE: If color for
     motion video is correct,
     suspect that the AD/VC adapter,
     the I/O card, or the main board
     is defective.
     If color is not correct, suspect
     the ActionMedia II adapter or
     its application program.

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