Overall Procedure (3546)

Overall Procedure
  1.  Check that the computer is correctly docked  to Dock II.
  2.  If possible, make sure that there are no hardware  setting conflicts, such as in interrupt levels,  memory addresses, DMA channels, and I/O addresses.
  3.  Check that the SCSI ID is set correctly.
  4.  Test and correct any computer problem before you test  it with Dock II. Use the computer documentation to  resolve any computer problems.
  5.  Test the computer with the external keyboard, external display,  mouse, and parallel and serial device connectors.  (Use the keyboard/mouse  connector to test the external keyboard and mouse.)  If no problems are found, connect the external keyboard,  mouse, parallel and serial devices to Dock II, then  connect Dock II to the computer and test it.
  6.  If external devices are attached to Dock II,  such as an audio amplifier, check the device by referring to the  manual shipped with the device.
  7.  If the user did not bring the computer with  Dock II when service is needed,  use a computer that works correctly with Dock II.

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