Checking the Installed Devices (3546)

Checking the Installed Devices

The HDD-1 or FDD-1 represents the first drive in the system configuration, respectively. Similarly, the HDD-2 or FDD-2 represents the second drive, usually attached through a Dock II.

  1.  Neither the Dock II nor the adapters and SCSI devices  installed in the Dock II appear as icons on the screen.
  2.  HDD-1 and HDD-2 icons are for the 2.5-inch ThinkPad hard disk drive.

If the devices are installed, but the icon appears in a gray shade rather than a dark shade on the basic diagnostic screen, it means that the devices are defective. Turn off the computer and make sure that the devices are correctly connected. If the symptom still remains after the computer is turned on, replace the devices or the main card of Dock II.

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