How to Run the Audio Test (3546)

How to Run the Audio Test

.Use the following procedure to run the audio tests.
  1.  Turn off the computer.
  2.  Insert the maintenance diskette into  diskette drive A and turn on power.
  3.  Select the Audio Diagnostics from the main menu.
  4.  Select Tests from the menu bar and press Enter.
  5.  Select All tests from the pull-down menu and press Enter.

    Run options are set to test once and stop on error as defaults.  Other options can be selected by the pull-down menu of Setting-up.

  6.  Follow the instructions that  appear on the screen to proceed with the tests.
  7.  If the tests end without detecting any error,  the 'All tests passed OK' message appears.
  8.  If an error is detected, the FRU code and error description message  appear.  Go to 'FRU Codes' and replace the FRU.
  9.  To exit the test screen, press Esc.


    1.  If an instruction to plug the external loop cable  appears, connect it between the microphone/line jack of the computer  and the headphone jack of Dock II.
    2.  If an instruction to plug the headphone appears,  connect it to the headphone jack of Dock II.
    3.  Volume Control Test does not work when the  computer is docked to Dock II.

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