Numeric Error Codes (3546)

Numeric Error Codes
Symptom/Error    FRU/Action
10X, 11X 1. Adapter in slot (if used)
  2. Riser card
  3. Main card
195 1. Do the following steps.
   (The computer was docked     a. Turn off and undock the system.
   to the Dock II     b. Turn on and shut down the system.
   while in hibernation mode.)     c. Turn off and dock the system.
1XX    See the Symptom-to-FRU Index for the computer
     you are servicing.
     If the problem remains, go to
     'Undetermined Problems'
2XX 1. See the Symptom-to-FRU Index for
      for the computer you are servicing.
  2. Main card
  3. IC DRAM card or DIMM card
3XX    See 'External Keyboard'.
6XX 1. Before changing any devices,
      run the diagnostic test. (See the
      'How to Run the Diagnostics')
  2. FDD external attachment kit
  3. Diskette drive assembly
  4. Riser card
11XX, 12XX 1. Serial devices
  2. Communication cable
  3. Riser card
17XX 1. Hard disk drive (2.5-inch ThinkPad
      hard disk drive)
  2. HDD installation kit
  3. Main card
24XX 1. Main card
  2. Riser card
860X 1. Mouse
  2. External keyboard
  3. Riser card
I9990301, I9990302    See the Hardware Maintenance
   I9990305    Manual of the computer
   Not shown above 1. See the Hardware Maintenance Manual 
      of the computer.
  2. See 'Undetermined Problems'.

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