Main Card (3546)

SCSI Subsystem

The Dock II supports the SCSI controller and BIOS which has functions similar to the Adaptec AHA-1530P Adapter. The Dock II also supports the IBM SCSI device for PS/2*.

SCSI Devices

The SCSI controller on the main card supports up to seven SCSI devices (includes internal and external). Two of the seven devices can be installed inside the Dock II.


The terminator requirements for SCSI devices are:

The location and appearance of the terminators may vary from device to device. An identification label or tag (usually 'T-RES') is attached to each terminator for easy identification.

The Dock II has an active terminator which terminates the external SCSI connector automatically.

Audio Jacks

The Dock II has three audio sources, a CD-ROM audio, a speaker-in, and a computer audio. These three sources are mixed and sent to the audio out jack or are amplified and sent to the speaker or the headphone jacks.

Stereo speakers

The Dock II provides a pair of stereo speakers.

Headphone jack

A headphone jack is provided for connecting a headphone cable.

Speaker-in jacks

Speaker-in jacks are for the audio cable that is connected to the line-out of the AT sound adapter through the Dock II stereo speakers.

Audio-out jacks

Audio-out jacks are for an external audio device, such as a speaker system (through the amplifier).

PCMCIA slots

Two PCMCIA slots are available for inserting different kinds of PCMCIA cards.

External Display Connector

This connector, on the rear of the Dock II, is a 15-pin, D-shell connector. The external display connector is the connector for the display signal cable of the external display.

Docking Connector

This 240-pin connector is the expansion interface connector for notebook PCs and has the capabilities to support the following features:

External SCSI Connector

The external SCSI connector is a 50-pin, external device connector and is for external SCSI devices. A maximum of seven SCSI devices (both internal and external) are supported.

FDD Connector

This connector is a 26-pin, D-shell connector and is for the FDD External Attachment Kit. Users can attach the diskette drive that was removed from the computer to the Dock II with this kit.

Parallel Connector

The parallel connector allows the attachment of devices that accept eight bits of parallel data at standard transistor-transistor logic (TTL) levels. The connector is a 25-pin, D-shell connector and is primarily for printers. However, the connector can be used as a general input/output connector for any device or application that matches its input/output capabilities. The signal from the parallel port of the computer is replicated to the parallel connecter of Dock II.

Serial Connector

This connector is a fully programmable serial connector that supports asynchronous communications. The 9-pin, D-shell connector provides the signals to drive a serial (or EIA-232D) device. The signal from the serial port of the computer is replicated to the serial connecter of Dock II.

Keyboard/Numeric Keypad Connector

This 6-pin connector on the rear of the Dock II allows the attachment of a keyboard. The keyboard/numeric keypad connector is marked with a small keyboard symbol. The numeric keypad is attached to this keyboard/numeric keypad connector.

Mouse/Pointing Device Connector

This 6-pin connector on the rear of the Dock II allows the attachment of a pointing device (mouse). The mouse/pointing device connector is marked with a small mouse symbol.

NOTE: A mouse or pointing device will not work if either is connected to the mouse connector of the numeric keypad.

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