Parts Listing (3546)

Parts Listing
Parts    FRU P/N
1 Bottom Cover Assembly    84G3613
   a. Bottom Cover Subassembly  
   b. Main Chassis Assembly  
   c. Bracket AT  
   d. PCMCIA Security Bar  
   e. Side Panel  
   f. Cover 160P-L  
2 Main Card Assembly (84G3614)    84G1312
   a. Main Card Subassembly  
   b. Shield Upper  
3 Riser Card Assembly    84G3615
   a. Riser Card b. Bracket  
4 Audio Card Assembly    84G3616
   a. Audio Card b. Bracket  
5 Power Supply Unit    84G3618
6 Main Cabinet Group    84G3619
   a. Main Cabinet  
   b. Cover 160-Pin  
   c. Bracket Speaker-Left/Right  
7 Solenoid Assembly    84G3620
8 Micro Switch Group    84G3621
9 Keylock Assembly (w/keys)    84G3622
10 Blank Cover Group    84G3623
   a. Blank Bezel for 1 Inch Height  
   b. Blank Bezel for Half Height  
   c. Blank Cover for AT Card  
11 LCD Circuit Board Group    84G3626
12 Tray Unit Group    84G3627
   a. Tray Guide-Left  
   b. Tray Guide-Right  
   c. Tray Assembly  
13 Speaker Group (w/cables)    84G3628
14 Cable Group    84G3629
   Connection Cable 1 (Main-LCD)  
   Connection Cable 1  
   Connection Cable 2 (Aud.-Main)  
   Connection Cable 3 (Aud.-CD ROM)  
   Connection Cable 4 (Aud.-Audio)  
   Connection Cable 5 (Aud.-Main)  
   Connection Cable 6 (Aud.-Main)  
15 Misc. Kit (Screws and Clamps)    84G3630
16 Speaker Cover Group    84G3633
   a. Speaker Cover Left  
   b. Speaker Cover Right  
17 SCSI Device Cable Kit    84G5253
   ° 50-pin (appr. 300mm) SCSI cable  
   (3x 50-pin 2.25mm connectors)  
   ° CD-ROM Audio cable (appr. 80mm)  
   ° appr. 150mm ribbon cable  
   (40-pin (2.25mm) IDE female connector  
   to small (1.25mm) female connector).  
   IDE CD-ROM Adapter Card-Cable    39H7432
   (Card with male 1.25mm connector to  
   appr. 80mm ribbon-cable with 1.25mm  
   small female connector).  
   TP 2.5-Inch HDD - Tray-Kit  
   (Tray includes TP-HDD connector-card)    55G3576
17 IDE Device Cable    66G3576
18 Power Cord. See 'Power Cords'  
   Tape Drive Kit    84G1290
   Bracket and Bezel    84G1291
   Shelf    84G3631
   Tray Cover    84G3632

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