Parts Listing (Type 8639)

System Unit (PC Server 310 - Type 8639)
ISA Models 0D0, 0DT, OEO, OEV, OXT, 0Z0, 0ZT

  SCSI / RAID Cable - Connectors

Parts Listing (Type 8639)

Index    FRU P/N
1 Cover (Top)  
   Cover (Top)  
   Mod. OEO,0E4,0E5,OEV    75H7986
2 Diskette Drive,  
   1.44MB Diskette Drive    93F2361
   Diskette Drive Bracket  
   Mod. OEO, OEV    06H9408
   Diskette Drive Cable    06H6325
3 Power Supply Assembly (210W, 3.3V),  
   Power Supply Assembly (200W, 3.3V),  
   Mod. OEO,0E4,0E5,OEV    06H8825
4 MKE CR-504 4X CD-ROM Drive  
   MKE CR-504 4X CD-ROM Drive  
   Mod. OEO, OEV    73H1513
   MKE CR-504 4X CD-ROM Drive  
   Mod. OEO, OE4, OE5  
   (CD-ROM internal termination not funct.  
   because not implemented !!)  
   See > CD-ROM drive B/W bezel kit    73H2601
5 Riser Card 5x5  
   Mod. ODO, ODT, OXT, OZO, OZT    06H4008
   Riser Card 5x5  
   Mod. OEO, OEV (07H1266,06H9899,12J5554)    01K2094
   Riser Card 5x5  
   Mod. MDT, MXT, MZT    06H4023
6 Battery  
   'Battery'    33F8354
7 Base Frame  
   Base Frame  
   Mod. OEO, OEV    60H7797
8 Bottom Cover    06H1791
9 5.25-Inch Blank Bezel    96G2484
   Blank Bezels (Mico Channel models)    06H1784
   3.5-Inch Blank Bezel    06H5739
10 Keylock with Keys    33F8433
11 Door Assembly  
   Door Assembly  
   Mod. OEO, OEV    60H7783
12 Front Bezel  
   Front Bezel  
   Mod. OEO, OEV    60H7782
13 Power Button    06H1777
14 System Board without Memory  
   and Processor (Mod. ODO,ODT,OXT,OZO,OZT)    88G4270
   System Board without Memory  
   and Processor (Mod. OEO,OE5,OE4,OEV)    93H1758
   System Board without Memory  
   and Processor (Mod. MDT,MXT,MZT)  
   (60H7197)    11H5545
   System Board without Memory  
   and Processor (Mod. 0D0, 0DT, 0Z0, 0ZT)    60H7198
15 Card Guide  
   (Mod. 0D0, 0DT, 0Z0, 0ZT)    06H1779
   Card Guide (Mod. OEO,OEV)    07H1091
   Card Guide (Mod. MDT,MXT,MZT)    06H1778
16 DASD Tray (Removal)    06H1780
17 Hard Disk Drive  
   1GB SCSI Fast Hard Disk Drive    06H9079
   2.16GB SCSI Fast Hard Disk Drive  
   (Ultrastar - OPT P/N 07H1126)    07H1132
   2.16GB SCSI F/W Hard Disk Drive  
   (Ultrastar - OPT P/N 07H1128)    07H1119
   4.51GB SCSI-2 F/W Hard Disk Drive  
   (OPT P/N 07H0834) (06H8562)    76H0959
   Hard Drive Bracket  
   Mod. OEO, OEV    06H9409
   IDE Hard Disk Drive Data Cable    06H6326
   LED & Cable (Hard Disk Drive)  
   LED & Cable (Hard Disk Drive)  
   Mod. OEO, OEV    60H7796
   SCSI Hard Disk Drive Cable (PCI-5X5)  
   SCSI Hard Disk Drive Cable (PCI-5X5)  
   Mod. OEO, OEV    60H7790
   SCSI Hard Disk Drive Cable  
   with Terminator (Mod. 0E4,0E5)    60H9758
18 DASD Tray (Non Removal)    06H1781
19 Floor Stand Assembly  
   (96G2412)    07H0516
   Floor Stand Assembly  
   (Mod. OEO, OEV)    76H3952
   1MB Video DRAM (60ns)    92G7432
   256KB L2 Cache (12ns)  
   (Mod. ODO,ODT,OZO,OZT,OXT,MDT,MXT,MZT)    60H7416
   256KB L2 Cache (12ns)  
   (Models OEO,OEV)    07H1150
   256KB L2 Cache (15ns)  
   (Models 0XT, MXT)    06H6052
   512KB L2 Cache (12ns)  
   (Models OEO, OEV)    42H2781
   512KB L2 Cache (12ns)  
   (Models 0E4, 0E5)    60H9808
   8MB Memory SIMM (Parity)  
   (Mod. ODO,ODT,OZO,OZT,OXT,MDT,MXT,MZT)    92G7521
   8MB Memory SIMM (Parity-ECC)  
   (Models OEO,OEV)    42H2786
   16MB Memory DIMM (for 93H1758)  
   (BIOS => 7A then you can use 92G7338)    42H2783
   16MB Memory DIMM  
   (Models OEO, OEV)    60H7832
   32MB Memory DIMM  
   (Models 0E4, 0E5)    42H2784
   C2 Switch Assembly    06H1788
   Cover Latch  
   (Mod. ODO,ODT,OZO,OZT,OXT,MDT,MXT,MZT)    06H1783
   Cover Latch  
   (Mod. OEO,OEV)    07H0844
   Door Hinge    96G2447
   EMC Clip (6x)    06H5734
   EMC DASD (Mod. OEO,OEV)    60H7794
   EMC Shield (4x)    06H1782
   Ethernet Card Assembly (ISA models)    48G7170
   EtherJet (EtherNet) Card Ass.  
   (Mod. OEO,OEV)    13H9263
   Ethernet Card Assembly (Mod. 0E4)    85H8367
   Ethernet Card Assembly (MCA models)    4867172
   Fan Assembly    06H1796
   Fan Guard (Mod. OEO,0E4,0E5,OEV)    06H5733
   Jumper Kit    93F0067
   LED & Cable Power    93F2389
   Miscellaneous Mounting Screws    93F0041
   Mouse    06H4595
   P54C 50/75MHz Processor Chip  
   with Heat Sink (Model OXT,MXT)    06H5210
   P54C 66/100MHz Processor Chip  
   with Heat Sink (Model OZ0,OZT,MZT)    06H6063
   P54C 66/133MHz Processor Chip  
   with Heat Sink (Model ODO,ODT,MDT)    06H9891
   P54C 166MHz Processor Chip  
   with Heat Sink (Model OEO,OEV)    07H0971
   P54C 200MHz Processor Chip  
   with Heat Sink (Model OEO,OEV,0E5,OEV)    75H9575
   200MHz - Processor Upgrade Option  
   (Option P/N 94G6496)    76H4082
   Power Switch with Cable  
   Power Switch with Cable  
   (Mod. OEO,OEV)    06H3863
   Rear I/O Panel Assembly  
   (Mod. ODO,ODT,OZO,OZT,OXT)    06H1786
   Rear I/O Panel Assembly  
   (Mod. OEO,OEV)    60H7818
   Rear I/O Panel Assembly  
   (Mod. MDT,MZK,MXT)    06H1787
   Rear Panel  
   Rear Panel  
   (Mod. OEO,OEV)    06H9407
   SCSI Card Assembly (PCI)  
   SCSI Ultra/Wide Card Assembly (PCI)  
   (Mod. OEO,0E4,0E5,OEV) (07H0141)    60H7823
   Speaker    92F0421
Keyboards (101/102 Key - RD) with Cable  
   Arabic    71G4617
   Belgium-French    71G4618
   Belgium-Dutch    71G4639
   Bulgarian    71G4619
   Czech    71G4620
   Danish    71G4621
   Dutch    71G4622
   French    71G4624
   French/Canadian    06H2963
   German    71G4625
   Greek    71G4626
   Hebrew    71G4627
   Hungarian    71G4628
   Iceland    71G4629
   Italy    71G4630
   Latin/Spanish    82G3291
   Norwegian    71G4631
   Polish    71G4632
   Portuguese    71G4633
   Romanian    71G4634
   Russian/Cryllic    71G4635
   Serbiam/Cryllic    71G4636
   Slovak    71G4637
   Spanish    71G4638
   Swedish/Finnish    71G4623
   Swiss-French/German    71G4640
   Turkish    71G4642
   Turkish    82G3255
   UK English    71G4643
   US English    71G4646
   US English (E/ME/A use only)    71G4644
   Yugoslavian/Latin American    71G4647
Enhanced Keyboards (101/102 Key - BS)  
   Arabic    8125417
   Belgium-French    8125418
   Belgium-Dutch    8125439
   Bulgarian    8125419
   Czech    8125420
   Danish    81G5421
   Dutch    8125422
   Finnish    8125423
   French    8125424
   French/Canadian    82G3280
   German    8125425
   Greek    8125426
   Hebrew    8125427
   Hungarian    8125428
   Iceland    8125429
   Italy    8125430
   Latin/Spanish    82G3294
   Norwegian    8125431
   Polish    8125432
   Portuguese    8125433
   Romanian    8125434
   Russian/Cryllic    8125435
   Serbiam/Cryllic    8125436
   Slovak    8125437
   South African    8125441
   Spanish    8125438
   Swedish    8125423
   Swiss - French/German    8125440
   Turkish    8125442
   UK English    8125443
   US English    82G3278
   US English (E/ME/A use only)    1396790
   Yugoslavian/Latin American    8125447

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