Installing Internal Drives (Type 86XX)

Internal Drives (Type 8641, 8642)

Adding different types of drives allows the server to read different types of media and store more data. Several types of drives are available, such as:

The server has hardware that lets you to replace a failed hard disk drive without powering off the server. Therefore, you have the advantage of continuing to operate your system while a hard disk drive is removed or installed. These drives are known as hot-swap  drives.

Hot-swap drives have a green light that shines through the knob of the tray containing the drive. If the drive has a good electrical connection upon installation, the light illuminates. The light blinks briefly during power-on. For disk-array models, the light also blinks if the drive malfunctions.

For non-disk-array models, the light turns off if the drive malfunctions.

Each hot-swappable drive that you plan to install must have a hot-swap drive-tray attached. Trays are available for two drive types: narrow and wide. The narrow tray has a 50-pin drive connector. The wide tray has a 68-pin drive connector.

Internal drives are installed in bays . A diskette drive and a CD-ROM drive are preinstalled in bay A in all models. A removable CD storage compartment is shipped in bay B1. You can install two drives in bay B. You can install hot-swappable hard disk drives in banks C, D, and E only. Banks C, D, and E each contain six bays. Bank C supports up to six drives. However, the total number of SCSI drives that you can install in bay B and bank C combined is six, on a single SCSI cable. The number of preinstalled hard disk drives in bank C varies according to the model. You can install up to six drives in bank D and up to six drives in bank E.

NOTE: The bank letter-designations are located on both vertical rails on the front of the server. The bay-slot numbers are located on the top of bank C and the bottom of bank E.


A bezel  (sometimes called a cover plate  or face plate ) covers the front of bay B2 only. If you install a drive that uses removable media, such as diskettes, optical discs, or tapes, you might have to change this bezel.

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