Server 720 SMP 133MHz Processor Opt. II

Server 720 SMP 133MHz Processor Opt. II
REATAIN: #H132301

Important Information if you have installed the IBM PC Server 720 SMP Option II.

OBI Processor Card P/N 

The above Options are only supported with 'Novell NetWare V-3.12 V-4.1' or SMP operating system.

Note 1.) The processor card 76H6852 (71G0692) should be exchanged with FRU P/N 76H6850 (75H9648) if NetWare SMP is installed. Do not replace the card if OS/2 or any other Operating System is installed, because this processor card FRU P/N 76H6850 (75H9684) is designed to work with NetWare SMP only !

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