Parts Listings (Type 86xx) PC Server 500

Index  System Unit (PC Server 500 - Type 86xx) 

  SCSI / RAID Cable - Connectors

Index    FRU P/N
    1 Base Frame    82G3593
2 Information Display Assembly (LED)    06H3766
3 System Board  
   without Memory & Processor    92F2623
   (wrong Pentium® 90MHz Processor Card !)    06H3739
   Pentium® 90MHz Processor Card    06H7095
   16MB ECC Memory SIMM    96F9100
4 I/O Panel Die Cast    06H3593
5 SCSI RAID Hard Disk Drive Adapter  
   (OPT P/N 70G9263)    06H3059
   Signal Pass Through Card  
   (Internal SCSI to external connector)    06H3060
   SCSI-2 Fast/Wide Hard Disk Drive Adapter    92F0160
6 Video Adapter    71G0650
7 Fan Assembly    06H3407
8 Fan Mounting Support (w/o Fans)    82G3618
9 I/O Flex Plate    06H3594
10 Right Side Door    82G3594
   Right Side Door Hinges (with Screws)    82G3600
11 Pedestal Wheel (with Axle)    82G3609
12 434-Watt Power Supply Asm.    06H3596
13 Card Guide    82G3604
14 Processor Card Support  
   (82G3959)    06H3959
15 Card Guide Support    82G3603
16 Pedestal    82G3608
17 Slim-Line CD ROM Drive (2x)    06H2150
18 2.88MB Diskette Drive    82G1888
19 1GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive    06H3371
   2GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive    06H3372
   2GB Hard Disk Drive incl. Hot Swap Tray  
   (w/o sticking problem)    06H7360
   4.51GB F/W SCSI-2 Hard Disk Drive  
   (06H5709) Ultrastar XP / Opt.OSW4GBM  
   (Opt. P/N 07H0834) Atlas / Opt. O7S4GBM  
   (76H0959 full high HDD)    76H2697
   4.51GB F/W SCSI-2 Hot Swap  
   Opt. P/N S4GHS1Y    xxxxxxx
20 Hot Swap Tray (Wide) w/o Cable    06H3956
   Tray SCSI-Fast/Wide Cable Flex    06H6145
   Tray Address Cable (06H2770)    06H3957
   DASD Hot-Swap Backplane Ass.    71G6291
   DASD Hot-Swap Cam Spring  
   (Shaft and Knob)    06H5059
   DASD Mounting Plate    82G3602
21 CD Storage Tray    06H5060
22 Front Bezel  
   (with Shield)    82G3595
23 Keylock (with Keys)    82G3606
24 DASD Door    82G3596
25 IBM Logo (R)    82G3601
26 5.25-Inch Drive Bezel  
   (with Spacer)    82G3599
27 Control Panel Bezel    06H3595
28 Control Panel Card Asm.    06H3755
   (see 'Battery Notice')    33F8354
   Keyboard U.S. (with Cable)    71G4646
   See > International Keyboards  
   Miscellaneous Parts Kit    82G3611
   ° C2 Spring (1)  
   ° EMI Ground Clips (4)  
   ° Hinge Screws (2)  
   ° Lock Pawl (1)  
   ° Planar Board Mounting Clips (2)  
   ° Screws (4)  
   Mouse    96F9258
   Power Cord    62X1045
   Speaker (with Bracket)    33F8444

Cables (Type 86xx) 

Index    FRU P/N
    1 DASD Status Cable    06H5081
2 Planar Control Panel Cable    06H3406
3 System Status Cable (1x4)    06H3401
4 Diskette Drive Signal Cable  
   (with Power)    06H3405
5 CD ROM SCSI Cable (for 2 drives)    06H3751
   RAID Adapter to Backplane (for 1 drive)    82G3613
6 Hard Disk Drive Power Cable  
   (for 1 drive)    82G3610
   C2 Cable (with Switch)    82G3612
   LED Display Assembly    06H6138
   POS ID Select Cable (Wide)    06H3957
   POS ID Select Cable (Narrow)    06H3592
   DASD Hot Swap Tray Ass. (Narrow)    71G6292
   220 Watt Power Supply Assembly    06H3237

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