SCSI Fast/Wide PCI Adaptec Adapters

SCSI Fast/Wide PCI Adaptec Adapters (AHA-2940/2940W)

The AHA-2940 and AHA-2940W are PCI Fast and PCI/Wide SCSI adapters. These adapters are supported on computers with a PCI 5V bus master slot.

NOTE: The Type 8642 computer is shipped with the AHA-2940 Wide SCSI adapter only.

The adapters support the following:

 Adapter      Connector              Devices Supported
 AHA-2940     1 each internal        Supports a maximum of
              8-bit SCSI connector   seven 8-bit single-ended
              1 each external        SCSI devices
              8-bit SCSI connector
 AHA-2940W    1 each internal        Supports a maximum of
              8-bit SCSI connector   fifteen 8-bit and
              1 each internal        16-bit single-ended
              16-bit connector       SCSI devices.
              1 each external
              16-bit SCSI connector

Adapter Locations 


J4 Termination jumper for multiple-computer configurations. See 'Termination (for Multiple-Computer Configurations)'

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