Troubleshooting Checklist - SCSI (AHA-2940/2940W Adapters)

Troubleshooting Checklist - SCSI (AHA-2940/2940W Adapters)

Most problems that occur during installation result from errors in preparing and connecting devices on the SCSI bus.

Answer these questions first if a problem occurs during installation:
  1.  Are the power cables and SCSI cables properly connected ?
  2.  Is the Host adapter firmly seated and secure in a 5-volt PCI slot tha is capable of bus mastering ?
  3.  Is the SCSI cable installed correctly throughout the SCSI bus ?
  4.  Are the PCI bus slot parameters set correctly in the computer's Setup program ?

    NOTE: The PCI bus is designed to assign the IRQ port address, and BIOS address settings. You may need to assign some  of these values manually in the Setup program.

  5.  Is each adapter, including the host adapter, set to a unique SCSI ID (0-7 for the AHA-2940 and 0-15 for the AHA-2940W) ?
  6.  Is the termination set correctly ?

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