Using A Standard Drive as C and a SCSI Drive as D

Using A Standard Drive as C and a SCSI Drive as D (AHA-2940/2940W Adapters)
  1.  If a second hard disk drive is installed, use the Setup program to map the second hard disk drive out  of the configuration.
  2.  Be sure the SCSI drive to be used as drive D is set to SCSI ID 0 (AHA-2940/2940W Adapters). You can use the SCSISelect  utility to  determine the SCSI address of the peripherals on the SCSI bus.
  3.  Be sure the SCSI parity checking is consistently enabled or disabled on all devices on the SCSI bus.
  4.  Verify that the host adapter and the SCSI devices are properly configured and installed.
  5.  Be sure to power-off, the power-on the computer after changing any values on the host adapter, in Setup, or on a SCSI device.
  6.  Be sure the SCSI bus is properly terminated.
  7.  Be sure the disk is formatted and has a DOS partition. Run the Format Disk utility accessible through SCSISelect . See 'SCSI Disk Utility'.
  8.  Check cable connectors.

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