Parts Listing (Type 8640)

System Unit (PC Server 300 - Type 8640)

  SCSI / RAID Cable - Connectors

Index    FRU P/N
   1 Access Cover    06H8930
2 3.5 Inch Hard Disk Tray(s) (1x)    06H2652
3 Base Frame Assembly    06H8933
4 Front Bezel/Door Assembly    06H8935
   PC Server 300 Label    06H6003
5 Power Button (with Spring)    06H2191
6 Keylock Assembly (with keys)    33F8433
7 Bezel (5.25 Inch Blank)    71G0771
8 Bezel (3.5 Inch Blank)    71G0770
9 Speaker    06H2649
10 Fan Assembly (with connector)    06H2647
11 Card Guide    71G0757
12 Pedestal    96G2412
13 DASD 3-Drive Cage    06H8938
14 1.44MB Diskette Drive Asm.    93F2361
   1.2MB Diskette Drive Asm.    64F4102
15 270MB Hard Disk Drive (IDE)    82G5926
   364MB Hard Disk Drive (IDE)    82G5927
   527MB Hard Disk Drive (IDE)    92F0405
   728MB Hard Disk Drive (IDE)    82G5929
   540MB Hard Disk Drive (SCSI)    92F0406
   1GB Hard Disk Drive (SCSI)    92F0428
   2GB Hard Disk Drive (SCSI)  
   (68 pin - F/W Opt.P/N 32G3796)    92F0407
   Enhanced Internal CD-ROM-II    92F0084
   16/8 Bit SCSI Converter  
   (used for CD-ROM / 4.0GB Tape Unit  
   Fast/Wide SCSI Cable, 68-pin to 50-pin)    92F0324
16 300W Power Supply with Switch    71G0044
   System Board Pentium®  
   (w/o Memory and Processor)  
   (71G0747, 06H8756) See ECA021  
   Models 0P0, 0PT, 1P0, 1PT    28L0973
   Processor Chip (Pentium® 60 MHZ)  
   (wrong Pentium® Processor !)    06H2680
   Processor Chip (Pentium® 60 MHZ)  
   (NEW Pentium® Processor)    06H7718
   System Board, 486DX2-66  
   (w/o Memory and Processor)  
   Model 0N0, 0NJ, 1N0, 1NJ    71G0033
   Processor Chip (486DX2-66)    06H2679
   Cache Memory (10 Modules)  
   Model 0N0, 0NJ, 0P0, 0PT    92G7431
   4MB Memory SIMM (Parity)  
   Models 0N0, 0NJ, 1N0, 1NJ    73G3233
   8MB Memory SIMM (Parity)  
   Models 0P0, 0PT, 1P0, 1PT    73G3234
   16MB Memory SIMM (Parity)    60G2950
   32MB Memory SIMM (Parity)    73G3235
   486DX2 Real-Time Clock (with Battery)  
   Models 0N0, 0NJ, 1N0, 1NJ    06H3397
   Pentium® Real-Time Clock (w/ Battery)  
   Models 0P0, 0PT, 1P0, 1PT    06H3398
   486DX2 Heat Sink (with Clip)  
   Models 0N0, 0NJ, 1N0, 1NJ    06H2179
   Pentium® Heat Sink (with Clip)  
   Models 0P0, 0PT, 1P0, 1PT    06H2180
   see >> Keyboard / Power Cord  
   SCSI-2 Fast PCI-Bus Adapter  
   Models 0PT, 1PT    53G0382
   SVGA Card (AP and EMEA only)  
   Models 0P0, 0PT, 1P0, 1PT, 1N0, 1NJ    71G0031
   VGA Card    71G0030
   Misc. Parts Kit    06H8940
   ° EMC Ground Contacts (4x)  
   ° Screws 6x32x5/16 (6x)  
   ° I/O Blank Panel (1x)  
   ° Nut Screws 4-40 (2x)  
   ° Power Switch Bracket (1x)  
   ° Screws 6x32x5 16 Inch (6x)  
   ° Screws 3x8 mm Plastite (3x)  
   ° Screws 3 mm Diskette Drive (2x)  
   ° Screws 6-32 Hard Disk Drive (2x)  
   ° System Board Edge Support (1x)  
   Shadow Box    96G2411
   Security Cable Cover with Lock    06H5072
17 LED Cables (Activity /w Amber LED)    06H8936
18 Serial Cable    06H2165
19 Parallel Cable    06H2166
20 IDE Hard Disk Drive Cable - 2x  
   Models 0N0, 0NJ, 0P0, 1P0, 1N0, 1NJ    92F0424
21 SCSI Cable Assembly  
   (8-Bit - 4x) Models 0PT, 1PT    82G3626
   SCSI Cable Assembly  
   (8-Bit - 7x) Models 0P0, 0PT, 1P0, 1PT    06H2181
   Diskette Drive Cable (with Power)    92F0423
   C2 Cable Assembly    06H8767

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