Formatting Drives

Formatting Drives

You can perform a low-level format on drives with RDY (ready), OFL (offline), or UNF (unformatted) status.

NOTE: The Format drive choice on the Advanced Functions menu provides a low-level format. If you install a new hard disk drive that requires a standard format, use the Format command provided by the operating system.

The Format program is provided in the IBM RAID configuration program so that you can perform a low-level format on a drive controlled by the RAID adapter.

To perform a low-level format:
  1.  'Start the RAID configuration program' by inserting the  IBM SCSI-2 Fast/Wide PCI-Bus Adapter Configuration Option Diskette  into the primary diskette drive  and powering-on the system.  If the system already is turned on,  press Ctrl+Alt+Del.

     Select Start RAID Configuration Program  from the PC DOS start-up menu,  the Main Menu appears.

  2.  Select Advanced functions from the Main Menu.

        A low-level format erases all data and programs from the hard disk drive.  Before proceeding, back up any data and programs  that you want to save.

  3.  Select Format drive.  The low-level format program starts.

     Follow the instructions on the screen.

    You can perform a low-level format on  more than one drive at a time.

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