Mylex RAID Adapter Error Codes (8650)

Mylex RAID Adapter Error Codes

The following is a listing of the Mylex RAID adapter error codes. For configuration and diagnostic information, refer to the Mylex booklets that were shipped with the system.
   1101    Network connection error.
   1102    Fan failed.
   1103    Power Supply failed.
   1104    One controller failed. Can't determine which one.
   1105    One logical drive in array has been taken off-line.
   1106    One hard disk drive in array has failed.
   1201    One logical drive in the array is critical.
   1202    Failed to create the local log file.
   1303    Fail to open communication to phone line, will not
     report errors to PAGER and FAX.
   1204    Failed to create log information window.
   1205    Event Handler error. Will not get alarm information.
   1207    Statistics Date Event handler problem, can't start
     performance window.
   1208    Error while getting the server list, the server list
     is not complete.
   1209    Rebuild physical drive stopped with an error.
   1210    Rebuild logical drive failed.
   1211    Parity check on logical drive error.
   1212    Parity check on logical drive failed.
   1213    Write back error.
   1301    Internal log structures getting full, PLEASE SHUTDOWN
   1302    Server shutdown, connection to this controller is closed.
     Rebuild physical drive stopped with error.
   1303    Failed to make hot spare.
   1304    Failed to kill drive.
   1305    Failed to sign-on the server.
   1306    Error while trying to sign-off form server.
   1307    Failed to onlining drive.
   1308    Failed to cancel parity-checking/rebuild, it will continue
     in background.
   1309    Failed to start parity checking.
   1310    Failed to start Rebuild.
   1311    Rebuild/Parity checking already in process.
   1401    Success to onlining drive.
   1402    Parity checking completed.
   1403    Parity checking canceled.
   1404    Success on kill drive.
   1405    Event handler started.
   1407    An automatic rebuild is started.
   1408    A manual rebuild is started.
   1409    Rebuild is over.
   1410    Rebuild is canceled.
   1411    A parity check is started.
   1412    Parity check is finished.
   1413    Parity check canceled.
   1414    One logical drive in the array has been put on-line.
   1415    One hard disk in the array changed status.
   1416    One hard disk been added as stand-by.
   1417    Sign-on the server.
   1418    Success on making hot spare.
   1419    Server re-scan data starting.
   1420    Server re-scan data ending.
   1421    Rebuild complete.
   1422    Rebuild canceled.

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