Removal and Replacement Procedures (9516)

  Removal and Replacement Procedures

This section contains information on removal and replacement.

  Do not put your fingers in the gap of part A.
They can be pinched when you raise the LCD.

  The LCD panel and the main card are sensitiveto, and can be damaged
by, electrostatic discharge (ESD). Establish personal grounding by touching a ground point with one hand before touching these units. An electrostatic discharge strap can be used to establish personal grounding.

  When the LCD becomes dirty, gently wipe it clean with a dry, soft cloth. Avoid using alcohol or detergent to clean the LCD.

When you transport the display, hold it as shown:


  You should spread a piece of soft cloth on a flat surface. Then, ehen required, place the LCD facedown on the cloth to prevent the screen surface from being damaged.

  1.  While putting the height adjustment buttons, raise the LCD to its highest position.
  2.  Gently put the display face down on the cloth-covered flat surface.


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