Parts Listing (9516)

Index    FRU P/N
1 Bezel Kit    85G4813
   2 LCD Module with backlights    73H6640
   3 Backlight    73H6641
   4 Rear Cover Kit    85G4814
   5 Connector Cover    85G4836
   6 BNC cable set (H/V)    84G9055
   7 BNC cable set (R/G/B)    85G4827
   8 Fan    85G4815
   9 Tool    85G4847
   10 Stand    85G4812
   11 Main Board    82H8620
   12 Connector Card Kit    85G4817
   13 AC Adapter, model A03    85G0167
   AC Adapter, model A04  
   (Japan only)    85G0168
   Screw Kit    85G4829
   Keyboard/Mouse Y-cable (Optional)    82H8627


   Interface card (MFG P/N 73H6617)    21L8177

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