IBM P200 (6555) Color Monitor Specifications

IBM P200 Color Monitor Specifications (6555)

NOTE: If the Computer one of the following
IBM 85xx, 9556, 9557, 9576, 9577 or 959x, then a Display Cable Adapter Opt. P/N 96G2693 must be used.
If the Display is connectet to an Apple MacIntosh, Cable Adapter Opt. P/N 96G2694 must be used.

 Dimensions   Width  474 mm (18.6 inch)
              Depth  505 mm (19.8 inch)
              Height 474 mm (18.6 inch)
              Weight 30Kg   (60 lbs)
 Tilt Swivel  Forward  tilt   5°
              Backward tilt  15°
              Swivel      ±  45°
 Image Size   CRT Class        20 inch
              Max. Height      293 mm (9.3 inch)
              Max. Width       389 mm (15.3 inch)
              Max. Diagonal    486 mm (19.1 inch)
              Aperture grille 0.31 mm
 Power Input  Supply Voltage      100-240 Vac 50/60Hz
              Max. Supply Current 1.7A at 100 Vac
 Video Input  Input Signal           Analogue Direct Drive
                                     75 Ohm 0-0.7v
              Horiz Addressability   1600 pels (max)
              Vert  Addressability   1200 lines (max)
              DDC Capability         DDC 1/2B
              Clock Rate (Bandwidth) 200 Mpels/sec
 Synchron.    Horiz Frequency        29 KHz - 90 KHz
 Range        Vert  Frequency        50 Hz - 120 Hz
 Color        Range                  5000°K - 9300°K
 Temperature  User preset            7200°K
 Settings     Factory presets        5000°K and 9300°K
 Power        Normal Operation       150 W
 Consumption  VESA Standby State      20 W
 (Typical)    VESA Suspend State      20 W
              VESA Off State           5 W
 Environment  Operating Temperature  10°C to 40°C
              Storage Temperature     0°C to 60°C
              Shipping Temperature  -40°C to 60°C
              Operating Humidity     10% to 80%
              Storage   Humidity      5% to 90%
              Shipping  Humidity      5% to 95%
              Maximum Altitude       3048 m (10000 ft)


 Power        Energy Star
 Management   NUTEK Specifications 803299
 Safety       CSA C22.2 No.950
              UL 1950
              CE Mark
 Ergonomics   ISO 9241 Part 3
 Environment  TCO - 92
 Emissions    MPR-II
              FCC Class B
              EN 55022 Class B
              VCCI Class 2
              CE Mark
              ICES-003 Class B / NMB-003 Class B

European Union (EU) Statement

This product has been tested and found to comply with the limits for Class B Information Technology Equipment according to CISPR 22 / European Standard EN 55022. The limits for Class B equipment were derived for typical residential environments to provide reasonable protection against interference with licensed communication devices.

Properly shielded and grounded cables and connectors must be used in order to reduce the potential for causing interference to radio and TV communications and to other electrical or electronic equipment.

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