Auto Setup for the RS/6000

Auto Setup for the RS/6000

This procedure, using the setup option diskette, which displays a color-bar pattern before the setup main menu, is recommended for better image quality. If, however, something goes wrong and the diskette is stuck in the middle of this procedure, perform Quick Setup.

If you are running AIXwindows on the RS/6000, go to Setup for AIXwindows. Otherwise, check the type of the graphic adapter used with the RS/6000:

Graphic Adapter Type Auto Setup Procedure
GXT1 SOP (RS/6000 Model 43P)
Go to Setup for AIXwindows.
The auto setup procedure is the
same as AlXwindows.
Gt3i, GXT150, GXT1S0L Go to Setup for Gt3i, GXT150 or GXT150L Adapter.
GXT150M (for AIX 3.2 Version and later)
Go to Setup for GXT150M Adapter.
GT4 (24bit) GT4X (8bit), GT4X
(24bit), GT4I (24bit), (8bit)
GT4XI (24bit)
Go to Setup for GT4, GT4X, GT4I or GT4XI Adapter.
GXT1 SOP (RS/6000 Model 40P) Go to Setup for GXT150P Adapter.

NOTE: If you are using a graphic adapter other than those in this table, the setup option diskettes do not run on your RS/6000, or the screen resolution in the video signal on your RS/6000 is not 1280x1024, see Quick Setup.

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