Troubleshooting (9516-Bxx)


Is something wrong?

If you suspect something is not working correctly, you should:

  1.  Turn on the computer and monitor.
  2.  Set the brightness control to the proper position.
  3.  Ensure that all cables are securely connected.
  4.  Disable standby mode if it is enabled. Push the setup switch on the  back of the monitor to determine whether standby mode is enabled.
  5.  Disable the computer's screen saver program if it is enabled.
  6.  Run the auto setup procedure described in Chapter 3.
  7.  If there is screen noise, adjust the PHASE parameter in the manual-adjust menu.
  8.  Adjust the CLOCk parameter in the manual-adjust menu to suppress  the display of vertical stripes.
  9.  If you are using an RS/6000 with composite output function, do not  specify DPMS to the STANDBY parameter in the manual-adjust menu.
  10.  To restore all the auto setup or manual-adjust menu settings to the  original values in effect when the monitor was shipped, perform  SYSTEM RESET in the manual-adjust menu, or press each minus  button of the brightness and the contrast control  simultaneously and turn on the monitor. Both LED indicators turn on and off, and  all settings are restored.
  11.  Set the screen mode to the supported screen resolutions in the table.
  12.  Perform AUTO SETUP for each display mode (each screen resolution).
  13.  On this monitor, different from a CRT, faster refresh rate does not  make the screen quality better. Using the monitor with a refresh rate  of 60 Hz with noninterlace is recommended.

If you have still a problem

Contact the Display Business Unit (DBU) helpline.

About the LCD

The LCD contains over 3.900.000 thin-film transistors (TFTs). A small number of missing, discolored, or lighted dots may be present on the screen, which is an intrinsic characteristic of the TFT LCD technology and is not an LCD defect. If there is a problem with the LCD, contact the DBU helpline.

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