Flash (BIOS) Update Procedure (2136)

  Flash (BIOS) Update Procedure

  1.  Prepare a bootable DOS diskette disk with AFLASH.EXE, MSG.DAT Rxx-yy.RN and Rxx-yy.BIN

    NOTE: The AFLASH.EXE and MSG.DAT are flash utility program.
     The Rxx-yy.RN file has the BIOS checksum information.
     The Rxx-yy.BIN is BIOS source code binary file (size should be 131.072 bytes).

  2.  Insert the diskette disk and boot up from Drive A:.
      Do not boot up with any memory related driver such as HIMEM.SYS, EMS.SYS ...
  3.  Run AFLASH.EXE
  4.  Press any key to pass the information screen, execute LOAD BIOS FILE TO BUFFER and key-in BIOS file name  (Rxx-yy.BIN).
     Program then automatically loads BIOS file into memory buffer. If the BIOS file does not exist,
     a warning message will appear on screen.

  5.  Verify the checksum value is same to the information from Rxx-yy.RN file.
  6.  Execute PROGRAM FLASH ROM from the main menu.

      Shutting down the power, or resetting the system (or any interruption) while the AFLASH program is  programming BIOS will result in the corruption of system BIOS. This will render the system inoperative. In the event that this happen, the BAD flash ROM  will have to be replaced with a successfully programmed BIOS.

  7.  Follow the instruction on screen to complete the programming BIOS.
  8.  Power off system after the BIOS is been completetly updated.

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