6899 - Pentium® Pro 200MHz System Board

1 Audio line out
2 Audio line in
3 Microphone
4 Parallel Port Connector
5 USB (Univ. Serial Bus) Connector
6 Serial Port A Connector
Serial Port B Connector located on back of base frame)

7 Mouse Connector
8 Keyboard Connector
9 Infrared Connector
10 Wake-Up on LAN (J15)
11 5Vdc auxiliary connector
12 Power Switch Connector
13 CMOS clear (password) Jumper (J8)
14 Diskette drive Connector
15 Switch set (SW1)
16 SCSI LED Connector
17 Modem Wake-Up (J13)
18 Modem Wake-Up (J11)
19 Primary IDE Connector
20 Secondary IDE Connector
21 Battery
22 Power Connector (3.3Vdc)
23 Main Power Connector
24 Second Microprocessor Socket

25 Fan Connector (J12)
(2nd Microprocessor)
26 Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) Connector
(2nd Microprocessor)

27 Primary Microprocessor Socket
28 Power LED Connector
29 Hard Disk Drive LED Connector
30 Fan Connector, front panel
31 Internal Speaker Connector
32 DIMM Connector (see Memory types)
33 CD-ROM Audio Connector (J34)
34 Riser Card Connector
35 Serial Port B System-board Connector (J20)

Intellistation Type 6899 - Pentium® Pro 200 MHz Switch/Jumper Settings

Processor Speed Switch Setting (SW1 1-6)

Speed SW1-1 SW1-2 SW1-3 SW1-4 SW1-5 SW1-6
200 MHz On Off On On Off N/A

Additional Switch Settings (SW1 7-8)

Description SW1-7 SW1-8
Serial B Enabled On (D) N/A
Serial B Disabled Off N/A
Normal Diskette Operation N/A Off (D)
Read-Only Diskette Operation N/A On

Jumper Settings (J8)

Jumper Setting Description
J8 1-2 (D) Password Enabled
J8 2-3 Password Disabled (Clear CMOS)

  See > System Board Memory
for DIMM size, speed, and type.

Any combination of DIMM sizes is acceptable. DIMM height must not exceed 1.2 inches. If EDO NP (non-parity) DIMMs and EDO ECC DIMMs are mixed, they will configure as non-parity. Install only EDO ECC DIMMs to enable parity

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