6899 - Pentium® Pro 200MHz Parts Listing

System Unit - (Type 6899) IntelliStation FRU P/N 
Index    FRU P/N
1 Cover    12J3028
   Front Bezel Assembly    12J3027
2 Base Frame Assembly (/w labels)    12J3029
   Power Switch and Cable    60G2258
   Dual LED Cable Assembly, Hard Disk/Power    93F2389
   Serial Port B Connector and Cable Ass.    75H9218
   92mm Fan Assembly    12J3035
3 3.5-inch 1.44 MB Diskette Drive    76F4091
   Diskette Drive Cable    06H6344
   (Order either of the below 16x CD-ROM drives)  
   4 CD-ROM (16x Max)    02K1125
   CD-ROM (16x Max)    76H6107
5 5.25-inch Blank Bezel    12J3030
   3.5-inch Blank Bezel    12J3031
6 Processor P6-200MHz-256KB Cache    75H9212
   Processor P6-200MHz-512KB Cache  
   (Model 17x)    12J3036
   Voltage Regulator Card (VRM) for 2nd processor    07H1097
7 Memory 32MB DIMM, EDO ECC    42H2801
   Memory 64MB DIMM, EDO ECC    42H2829
   Memory 256MB DIMM, EDO ECC  
   (Factory 40H9052 / Opt.P/N 76H0269)    42H2831
8 Pedestal    76H1735
9 Speaker and Cable    01K1479
10 Card Guide    75H9222
11 Intergraph Intense 3D Graphic Adapter    75H9225
   4MB Video Adapter - Matrox    75H9227
   Intel® Ethernet 10/100 Adapter    12J3123
   Ultra - SCSI Adapter PCI (Adaptec)    12J3094
   LED Cable (for Ultra SCSI Adapter)    75H9217
12 Riser Card (60H9446)    60H9503
13 System Board (No processor, memory)    93H3593
   Cable, Auxiliary Power Extension    76H6766
   Cable, Wake-Up on LAN    07H0447
   Cable, Audio-System Board to CD-ROM    75H9219
   Lithium Battery    33F8354
14 Power Supply (200W)    12J5109
   Power Supply (200W) Japan    12J5111
15 Keylock and Key    61G2177
16 2.1GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive    07H1119
   4.5GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive    76H2697
   Wide SCSI (68-pin) Cable  
   (OPT P/N 42H3423)    06H9674
   IDE Data-Cable    06H6326
   SCSI LED Cable    75H9217
   EMC Clips DASD/FDD    12J3033
   Miscellaneous Hardware Kit    12J3032
   Mounting Screw Kit    93F0041
   Jumper Kit    93F0067

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