6272 - Series-300 Parts Listing

6272 - Series-300 FRU P/N 
Index    FRU P/N
1 Cover Assembly    76H4459
   Cover Assembly  
   (Models 88X, 89X, 90X, 91X)    02K2740
   Floor Stand Option  
   (Option P/N 76H3302)    76H3302
2 3.5-Inch Drive Bracket    76H4465
   5.25-Inch Drive Bracket    76H4466
3 1.2GB IDE Hard Disk Drive    07H1120
   2.5GB IDE Hard Disk Drive  
   (OPT P/N 12J3134) (07H1123)    75H8978
   4.2GB IDE Hard Disk Drive  
   (Model 77X) (02K2767)    02K1146
   16x Max. CD-ROM Drive    02K1152
   IDE Cable    76H4491
4 Riser Card (61H0193)    60H7924
   PCI Etherjet EPROM Card  
   (Models 88X, 89X, 90X, 91X)    01K2082
5 Riser Card Bracket    76H4464
6 Power Supply (85W)    76H4860
   Power Supply - Japan    76H4858
7 Base Frame Assembly (with Labels)    76H4460
   Base Frame Assembly (with Labels)  
   (Models 88X, 89X, 90X, 91X)    02K2782
   Bezel Covers Kit    76H4461
   3.5-In. Blank Drive Bezel  
   (Models 88X, 89X, 90X, 91X)    02K2741
   Torx Screw  
   (Models 88X, 89X, 90X, 91X)    02K2742
   Model Plate    76H4462
   Power Button    76H4469
   Power Switch and Cable    76H4485
   Dual LED Cable Assembly  
   Hard Disk/Power    76H4463
   LED Cable Assembly, LAN Activity    12J5542
   Cable-Switch to Planar, Security    60G2258
   Serial Port B Connector and  
   Cable Assembly    76H7122
   60mm Fan Assembly  
   (Models 89X, 90X, 91X)    76H6613
   Pedestal Assembly    12J3146
   Wall Mount    12J3147
   EMC Clip    01K1619
   Mounting Screw Kit    93F0041
   Foot (4x) (07H1440)    03K9655
8 3.5-Inch 1.44MB Diskette Drive    75H9550
   Diskette Drive Cable    76H4228
9 Memory - 8MB DIMM, Non-Parity    42H2807
   Memory - 16MB SDRAM DIMM, Non-Parity    42H2808
   Memory - 32MB SDRAM DIMM, Non-Parity    42H2809
   Memory - 64MB EDO DIMM, Non-Parity    42H2830
10 Processor, Pentium® P54C-133MHz    76H7116
   Processor, Pentium® P54C-166MHz    76H7117
   Processor, Pentium® (MMX) P55C-166MHz    76H7119
   Processor, Pentium® (MMX) P55C-200MHz    01K1699
   Processor, Pentium® (MMX) P55C-233MHz    02K2768
11 System Board with Ethernet  
   (no processor, memory) (60H7943 60H9846  
   61H0388 61H0507)    61H2727
   System Board w/o Ethernet (61H0151)  
   (no processor, memory)  
   (Models 88X, 89X, 90X, 91X)    61H2731
   L2 Cache, 256KB (01K1554)    01K4400
   COAST Cache, 512KB (EMEA only)    61H1048
   Video RAM, 1MB    42H2828
   Lithium Battery    33F8354
   Jumper Kit    93F0067

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