6588, 6888 Parts Listing

6588, 6888 FRU P/N 
Index    FRU P/N
1 Top Cover  
   for 6588    75H7986
   for 6888    12J6023
   Cover Latch 6588    06H1783
   Cover Latch 6888    12J6029
2 2.5GB EIDE Hard Disk Drive (6588)  
   (OPT P/N 12J3134)    07H1123
   4.2GB EIDE Hard Disk Drive (6588)  
   (OPT P/N 76H7246)    76H5820
   4.3GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive (6588, 6888)    76H4616
   SCSI Cable (6588, 6888)    01K1459
   EIDE Data-Cable (6588, 6888)    06H6326
3 Riser Card (6588, 6888)    12J3018
4 Power Supply (200W)    12J5109
   Power Supply (200W) - Japan    12J5111
5 Rear Fascia  
   for 6588    01K1689
   for 6888    12J6028
   Rear Panel I/O    06H9410
6 Base Frame Assembly  
   (with Labels)    12J3040
   Rear Panel D Shell    12J3023
   Serial Cable 9-pin    75H9218
   Power Switch and Cable    60G2258
   LED Cable Assembly, Dual-Power/HD    76H4463
   LED Cable Assembly, Hard Disk    93F2388
   LED Cable Assembly, Power    93F2389
   SCSI LED Cable    75H9217
   IR/Serial Cable    12J3025
   Security Switch and Cable Assembly    06H1788
   Keylock and Key (6588)    06H1776
   Keylock and Key (6888)    12J6027
   Bottom Cover (6888)    01K1652
   Pedestal (6888)    12J3038
7 Diskette Drive 3.5-Inch 1.44MB  
   for 6588    93F2361
   for 6888    76H4091
   Diskette Drive Cable    06H6344
8 Bracket 5.25-Inch    06H9408
9 CD-ROM (16x max)  
   for 6588 (76H6101)    76H6103
   for 6588 Models 53U,53O,72J,73J only  
   (00K7892)    02K1152
   for 6888    02K1125
10 Front Bezel Assembly  
   for 6588    12J3021
   for 6888    12J3039
   Blank Drive Bezel 5.25-Inch (6588)    06H5738
   Blank Drive Bezel 5.25-Inch (6888)    12J6025
   Blank Drive Bezel 3.5-Inch (6588)    06H5739
   Blank Drive Bezel (6588)    06H9411
   Blank Drive Bezel (6888)    01K1653
   Bezel, PCMCIA (6588)    06H1784
   Bezel, PCMCIA (6888)    12J6024
11 Card Guide    06H1779
12 Fan Assembly 80mm    12J3020
13 Fan Duct    12J3022
   Fan Duct (6888 - 300MHz Processor)    01K1894
14 System Board (no processor, memory)  
   (12J3017)    93H9700
   System Board (no processor, memory)  
   (6588, Model 11x)    07L7120
   Cable, Audio- System Board to CD-ROM    75H9219
   Lithium Battery    33F8354
15 Pentium® II Processor, 233MHz - 512KB Cache  
   (6588)    12J3019
   Pentium® II Processor, 266MHz - 512KB Cache  
   (6588, 6888)    12J3024
   Pentium® II Processor, 300MHz - 512KB Cache  
   with Fan Sink (6588, 6888)    01K1895
   Processor, Retention Kit  
   (6588, 6888)  
   Kit incl: Retainer Bracket, Sys-Board Plate,  
   6-Screws, Washers.    12J6030
16 Memory  
   32MB DIMM NP EDO (6588)    42H2797
   32MB DIMM ECC (6888)    42H2801
   64MB DIMM ECC (6888)    42H2829
17 SCSI Adapter (AHA-2940UW)    12J3094
   4MB Video Adapter - Matrox (6588,6888)    75H9227
18 Intergraph 3D Graphics Adapter  
   (6888)    75H9225
19 Bracket Hard File    06H9409
   EMC Shield    06H1782
   Foot    06H1773
   Misc. Screw Kit    93F0041
   Jumper Kit    93F0067

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