Setup Utility Program

Setup Utility Program

  A customized setup configuration (other than the default settings) might exist on the computer you are servicing.
Running the Setup Utility program might alter those settings.
Note the current configuration settings and verify that the settings are in place when service is complete.

To run the Setup Utility program, do the following:
  1.  Power-off the computer and wait for a few seconds until all in-use lights go off..
  2.  Power-on the computer.
  3.  When the Setup Utility prompt appears on the screen during start-up, press F1-  The Setup Utility menu appears.
  4.  Follow the instructions on the screen.
  5.  When finished, select System Summary to verify that any configuration changes have been accepted.

See > Adapter Configuration
See > IRQ and DMA - default settings
See > PCI (PnP) Vendor-IDs

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