Power Management (300-700 Series)

  Power Management 300-700 Series

Power Management

Power management reduces the power consumption of certain components of the computer such as the system power supply, processor, hard disk drives, and some monitors (if monitor supports DPMS). Advanced Power Management and Rapid Resume Manager are features of some personal computers.

Advanced Power Management

Energy-saving settings can be viewed and changed by using the Advanced Power Management menu in the Configuration/Setup Utility program.

  If a device, such a monitor, does not have power-management capabilities,
it can be damaged when exposed to a reduced-power state
Before making energy-saving selections for the monitor, check the documentation supplied with the monitor to see if it supports Display Power Management Signaling (DPSM).

Automatic Hardware Power Management Features:

There are three levels of specified time that the computer must be inactive before the power management options that are selected take effect. Select the amount of time that is offered within each level.

At each level, you can define the amount of energy savings by specifying values for the following options:

Setting Automatic Hardware Power Management Features

  1.  Start the Configuration/Setup Utility program
  2.  Select Advanced Power Management from the Configuration/Setup Utility program menu.
  3.  Be sure APM BIOS Mode is set to Enabled. If it is not, press Left Arrow (<) or Right Arrow (>) to change the setting.
  4.  Select Automatic Hardware Power Management.
  5.  Set Automatic Hardware Power Management to Enabled
  6.  Select the values for the three levels of power management (system power, processor speed, and display), as necessary.
  7.  Set Hard Disk to Enabled or Disabled.
    NOTE: This does not apply to SCSI drives.
  8.  Press Esc twice to return to the Configuration/Setup Utility program menu.
  9.  Before you exit from the program, select Save Settings from the Configuration/Setup Utility program menu.
  10.  To exit from the Configuration/Setup Utility program, press Esc and follow the  instructions on the screen.

Automatic Power-On features:

The Automatic Power-On features within the Advanced Power Management menu allow to enable and disable features that turn the computer on automatically.

See > Rapid Resume Manager

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