Rapid Resume Manager (300-700 Series)

  Rapid Resume Manager 300-700 Series

Personal computers come with built-in energy-saving capabilities. Rapid Resume Manager reduces the power consumption of the computer. The following are features of Rapid Resume Manager:

Rapid Resume:

With Rapid Resume activated, the computer saves its current state when you power it off with the power switch. Rapid Resume retains all current settings, remembers which programs were active, and save the position and size of windows and other objects on the screen. When the computer is restarted (with the power-on switch, the Scheduler, or Wake-Up on Ring), it quickly returns to full-power operation in exactly the same state. The programs that where being used will reappear in the state they were in when you suspended operation of the computer.

Running Rapid Resume Manager:

To select and activate, deactivate, or change Rapid Resume Manager, do the following:

  1.  From Program Manager, select IBM Management Plus
  2.  Select Rapid Resume Manager
  3.  View or change settings
  4.  Follow the instructions on the screen


When the Standby feature is enabled, it initiates reduced power modes for the display, microprocessor, and hard disk drive after a specified period of inactivity. The default setting for automatically initiating standby is 20 minutes. The display is blanked and the hard disk drive 'spins down' (enters a reduced-power state). Any use of the keyboard, mouse, or hard disk drive causes the computer to exit standby and returns to full-power operation.
For example, if 40 minutes is selected as the specified period, the computer goes into standby state if the mouse, keyboard, or microprocessor is not active for more than 40 minutes.


Use the Scheduler to set a time for the computer to do the following:

If the computer will not already be powered-on when it is time to start a program or display a message, a setting can be selected to power-on the computer at the appropriate time.

To select and activate, deactivate, or change the Scheduler feature see 'Running Rapid Resume Manager' (above).

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