6561 Parts Listing

6561 FRU P/N 
Index    FRU P/N
1 Cover Assembly    01K1607
2 Bezel Kit (5x)  
   (CD-ROM Bezel - OPT. P/N 76H4912)    76H7339
   Name Plate    01K1611
3 CD-ROM Drive 32x    02K3412
   CD-ROM Drive 32x  
   (Models 29J, 42X, 46J, 47J)    02K1115
   Audio Cable , CD-ROM    75H9219
   IDE Cable, CD-ROM (1-drop)    03K9724
   IDE Cable, CD-ROM (2-drop)    12J3432
4 EMC Shield Kit    76H7338
5 2.1 GB EIDE Hard Disk Drive    12J3141
   2.5 GB EIDE Hard Disk Drive (76H5822)    75H8978
   3.2 GB EIDE Hard Disk Drive    10L6006
   4.2 GB EIDE Hard Disk Drive    12J3143
   HDD-IDE Cable    76H7341
6 Hard Disk CD-ROM Cage    76H7331
7 3.5-Inch 1.44 MB Diskette Drive    75H9550
   3.5-Inch 1.44 MB Diskette Drive-Japan    75H9552
   Diskette Drive Cable    76H7340
8 3.5-Inch Diskette Bracket    76H7330
9 Side Bracket    76H7329
10 Fan Assembly (80mm)    10L5501
   Fan Assembly (80mm)  
   (for 233/266-MHz processor only)    03K9541
11 Memory - 16 MB DIMM, Non Parity    01K1104
   Memory - 32 MB DIMM, Non Parity    01K1105
   Memory - 32 MB DIMM, ECC    01K1125
12 Processor Pentium® II - 233MHz  
   (01K2165)    01K2168
   Processor Pentium® II - 266MHz (01K2166)    01K2169
   Processor Pentium® II - 266MHz, ECC    01K2169
   Processor Pentium® II - 300MHz, ECC    01K4291
   Processor Pentium® II - 333MHz, ECC  
   (01K2167)    01K4327
   Intel® Celeron™ Processor - 266MHz, no cache    01K4295
   Intel® Celeron™ Processor - 300MHz, no cache    01K4463
   Goal Posts - Processor support    02K2856
13 System Board (no processor,  
   memory - with guide rails and shield)  
   (01K2145)    28L5021
   Guide Rail - for system board    01K1610
   Lithium Battery    33F8354
   Jumper Kit    93F0067
14 Latch and Screw - for system board    01K1612
15 Power Switch/LED Assembly Cage    03K9542
16 Riser Card    61H0499
   Front Riser Support Guide    02K2766
17 Chassis Assembly    01K1608
   Keylock Assembly    76H7336
   Foot (4x)    93F2386
18 Side Panel    76H7333
19 145 Watt Power Supply    01K9846
   145 Watt Power Supply - Japan    01K9848
   Audio Adapter    01K2154
   EtherNet Adapter (01K2082)    08L2566
   Wake On Ring Cable (76H7345)    08L2559
   Misc. Screw Kit    93F0041

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