Starting the Diagnostics Program


Starting the Diagnostics Program

To start the program:
  1.  Shut down and power-off the system.
  2.  Wait 10 seconds.
  3.  Insert the IBM Enhanced Diagnostics Diskette into diskette  drive A:.
  4.  Power-on the system.

The initial diagnostics menu will be displayed.
Continue with Navigating Through the Diagnostic Programs

The following steps show how to start the DOS based IBM PC Enhanced Diagnostics from Windows 95, Windows NT, and Windows 3.x.

  1.  Shut down Windows 95 or Windows NT and restart in DOS mode. If Windows 3.x is running,  close Windows.
  2.  At the command prompt type: CD IBMDIAG, then press the Enter key.

    NOTE: If an invalid directory message appears, IBM PC Enhanced Diagnostics are  not installed. (Restart the computer and go to Step 001, if M/T 6272 Models 88x, 89x, 90x, 91x)

  3.  Type: PCDR, then press the Enter key.
  4.  Follow the instructions on the screen to run the diagnostics.

    NOTE: Do not start the diagnostics in the DOS session of Windows 95 or from a  command promt under Windows NT. The system must be shut down and restarted in DOS.

Starting Diagnostics Under Windows 95 and Windows NT

  Use the Windows diagnostics version only if you cannot run the IBM PC Enhanced Diagnostics under DOS.

  1.  Select Start
  2.  Select Programs
  3.  Select PC-Doctor
  4.  Select PC-Doctor for Windows

Diagnostics on the RTC CD

The IBM Enhanced Diagnostics are shipped on the RTC (Ready To Configure) CD. For Type 6272 Disketteless models, the customer has the responsibility to make the diagnostics available either locally on the PC hard disk or remotely through a server.

Remote Diagnostics

Some computers might not have diagnostics loaded onto the local hard drive. If the computer you are servicing is connected to a server and the server has the diagnostic image, remote diagnostics can be run. (To use the diagnostics from the RTC CD, a diskette must be made from the diskette factory, then the diskette files are loaded on the server). See the customer's System Administrator for more information about remote diagnostics.

Remote diagnostics require:

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