Running Diagnostic Tests


Running Diagnostic Tests

There are four ways to run the diagnostic tests:
  1.  Using the cursor movement keys, highlight Run Normal Test or Run Quick Test from the Diagnostics Menu and press Enter

     This will automatically run a pre-defined group of tests from each test category.
    Run Normal Tests runs a more extensive set of tests than does
    Run Quick Test and takes longer to execute.

  2.  Press F5 to automatically run all selected tests in all categories.
     See Test Selection
  3.  From within a test category, press Ctrl+Enter to automatically run  only the selected tests in that category.
     See Test Selection
  4.  Using the cursor movement keys, highlight a single test within a test category and  then press Enter. This will run only that test.

Press Esc at any time to stop the testing process.

Test results, (N/A, PASSED, FAILED, ABORTED), are displayed in the field beside the test description and in the test log.
See Viewing the Test Log

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